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Our History

Our History


Originally founded as Temecula Valley Republican Women Federated in 1984,  we believe in
and promote the principles of the Republican Party and pledge to support conservative
candidates at all levels of government.

TVRW was founded by the mother of local Congressman Dana Rohrbacher of Huntington
Beach. Since that time, we have remained an impassioned group of diverse women, dedicated to
promoting mutually-held values: limited government, national sovereignty, lower taxes and
personal responsibility.

In January 2023 we left the California Federation of Republican Women and became our own,
autonomous group. Leaving the federation after such a long relationship was a difficult choice,
but one we feel was best for the growth of our club and for pursuing our objectives.

While our name may have changed, our principles and ideals have not. History demonstrates
that when these principles are in play, freedom, prosperity, and civil society flourish. These
American founding principles have been tragically eroding over the last several years. To restore
these core values to America, TVRW knows we must elect Republican leaders – as it is the
Republican Party alone that upholds these principles and enshrines them in its platform.